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Free Download - Bee Amazing Number Maze + Random Acts of Kindness Journal

Bee Amazing Number Maze + Random Acts of Kindness Journal provides hours of fun for your child alongside offering ideas for kindness to others.

Numbers 1-10 are included in the form of a maze to boost your child's problem-solving skills, improve concentration and cognitive thought processes, and improve patience and persistence. It also provides reinforcement for younger children to continue learning and practicing numbers.

Random acts of kindness are included on each page and offer a creative and fun way for your child to document how they met the goal to offer kindness each day.

After your child completes each page, this fun, educational and empowering activity can be turned into a keepsake journal as a precious reminder of your child's big heart to help others.

Learn more about this adorable keepsake journal here!

bee amazing number maze plus sample pages


layout of all pages bee amazing number maze and kindness journal

Below is a fun page from Bee Amazing Number Maze + Random Acts of Kindness Journal. Download it for free (no email required) by clicking on the 'free download' button. 

bee amazing free sample page



Get more information about the Bee Amazing Number Maze + Random Acts of Kindness Journal here.